Work In Progress :: Focke-Wulf Projekt VI

[Newest updates and pictures on top of page. Im not that concerned with making thumbnails for WIP pages -- expect filesize to be fairly big]

[01 12 2000] - Starting to finish up the modeling of it, I hope Ill be ready with the base "coat" of textures by tomorrow afternoon.. lets see if that will happen ;)

[Click to view full size]

Tad older testrender, kinda liked how it turned out with that low quality shadow map ;)

[01 10 2000] - New project that I started a few days ago. Anyway, so.. its a Focke-Wulf Fw P.VII which is one of those WW2 airplanes that never got any further then a paper design. If you want you can also view this page:

..where some production photos and things are available from the P.VI mockup. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME PLANES, just based on the same so to say -- but the story on that page is not entirely right.. so.. don't look to much on it.

Here you got a lil .AVI that shows how it was built as well, kinda.. ;) (the 3d model that is)

Polymodeling :P :: Divx, 129k:

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Recieved Feedback:
Skyraider : ::: K-Dogg, the plane you are referring to is the P.VI Flitzer. This is the P.VII which is basically a Flitzer with turboprop engine, and without the rocket booster in the tail. -- -- Johan: finish it!!! :))))
K-Dogg : N/A ::: I notice that the original design of this plane had no propellor because it was supposed to be jet powered. What made you add a propellor to it?
nanocue : ::: Yeah, i think that thats a nice model dude! I love ww2 planes myself, and thats why im starting 3d modeling to express my love for the planes. Anyways i want to know what package u used, i have 3dmaxr3, should i go and upgrade to 4??
Skyraider : ::: Hey Johan, when are you gonna finish this baby??!! :)
Mark : N/A ::: I have a question, how do u add textures using 3dsmax? please email me at , i would love to know By the way: i love your art!
Ares : N/A ::: COOOOOOL polymodelling i guess.....
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