"Type'd" is my own little article series about CG and design. I'm hoping to keep the entire series very platform in-specific even though a few issues will have more than others. I hope you find enough candy here to inspire you in your craft no matter if you're a master or an apprentice. Feel free to give feedback to - trinisica at (googles email) dot com - on them or give me suggestions on issues I should write about.

[08 20 2001]    001 :: Shaders - Its all in the Reflections

[12 22 2001]    002 :: HDRI & Luminance space

                    003 :: Passes, Layers and Elements

                    004 :: Mono- and Multi-Chromatic Abberations

                    005 :: Cloths

                    006 :: Translucency

                    007 :: Shine a light on Global Illumination

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